News and discussions

  1. Petr Ročkai is working on a new Storage.Hashed module, a cleaner and more performant replacement for SlurpDirectory, hopefully allowing noticeably faster diff-related commands:
  2. Buildbots are being adapted as part of the switch to Cabal that will occur in the next major release of darcs:
  3. Using gitit + darcs backend as a new wiki for darcs.net ? Discussion and experiments are going on:

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue1310 Trent W. Buck
issue1313 Trent W. Buck
issue1333 Petr Rockai

Patches applied in the last week (22)

2009-01-28 Petr Rockai
  • Relax regex and parsec dependencies in darcs.cabal.
  • Cabal: Look around for diff and sendmail properly.
2009-01-28 Eric Kow
  • Update push-formerly-pl.sh test for issue1333
  • Canonize Don Stewart, Petr Rockai, Benedikt Schmidt and Spencer Janssen
2009-01-28 Petr Rockai
  • Resolve issue1333: Improve “cannot push to current repository” warning.
2009-01-27 Eric Kow
  • autoconf: Fix definition of SENDMAIL macro when sendmail is not found
  • autoconf: Define BIGENDIAN instead of setting it.
2009-01-26 Petr Rockai
  • Relax a few version constraints in darcs.cabal.
  • Add missing doublequotes to multiple tests.
2009-01-26 Trent W. Buck
  • Accept issue1266: warn on init inside a repo.
  • Have autoconf forget about .hs.in.
2009-01-25 Petr Rockai
  • Drop autogeneration of Autoconf.hs, use CPP instead.
  • Produce -DPACKAGE_VERSION=“…” programatically in Setup.lhs.
  • Replace ThisVersion.hs generation within Setup with some simple CPP.
2009-01-25 Eric Kow
  • Add -fglasgow-exts to Darcs.Patch.Show
  • Remove stale import from Darcs.Commands.ShowRepo
2009-01-24 Petr Rockai
  • Flip the repo test over to Cabal.
  • A grand unified pwd hack.
  • Refactor version machinery in Setup.lhs.
2009-01-24 Trent W. Buck
  • Resolve issue1310: create merged darcsCommand{add}.
  • Resolve issue1313: Clickable ToC and xrefs in PDF user manual.
  • Test for strace first.