These topics allow us to add some more qualitative ideas to the notion of a priority. For example, an easy bug may not be very high up on the list, but it’s good to know it’s there because we can use it to ease folks into darcs hacking.

  • ProbablyEasy - good for Darcs hacking newbies
  • Regression
  • Target-X.X - latest target for the bug (may increment)
  • Provisional - not convinced this is a good idea, but patches welcome?

Broad areas

General areas of Darcs development

  • BugTracker
  • Community - eg. fundraising, blogs, hackathons, contests
  • Core - patch-theory-level code
  • Devel - build infrastructure, test suite
  • Documentation
  • UI - Note that darcs-users can help a lot with this

Technical themes

These usually refer to particularly problematic areas in Darcs, things that we gets lots of bugs on. It’s useful to have a topic for these so that we can see them all at a glance and perhaps get an idea if there is something in common between them.

  • Conflicts
  • Control-C - Possibly incorrect handling of Control-C (Ctrl-C, C-c)
  • Hashed - Anything specifically about hashed format (eg cache, lazy)
  • HTTP
  • Git - things to learn from Git
  • Matchers
  • Partial
  • Performance
  • SSH
  • ThePendingPatch
  • FilePath - manipulating file or repository paths
  • Darcs2 - anything specifically about darcs 2; nowadays used only for darcs 2 semantics, not client


These are bugs that seem exclusive to certain platforms.

  • Mac
  • SunOS
  • Windows