Reporting Bugs in Darcs


To report a bug in Darcs, just send an email to describing the problem. It will appear as an unread bug on

If you have never reported a Darcs bug before, your message will be held in a quarantine area until a human confirms that it’s not spam. But this is only for the first time; future bug reports from you will go automatically to our tracker.

Advanced bug-reporting-fu

We appreciate the feedback or bug reports that you send us, thanks! Got a little extra energy to make things easier on us? Here’s the sort of thing we love to see.

  1. A concise subject that expresses the issue:

    • :-( - bug report (too vague)
    • :-) - darcs clone doesn’t work over sshfs (better)
  2. The exact Darcs version (darcs –exact-version)

  3. Platform information (what OS, usually)

  4. Simple reproduction steps (ideally, a block of commands that we can copy and paste into a terminal)

  5. A Darcs repository URL, and or if you have a broken repository, download links for tarballs or zip files.